Events in Schladming Dachstein

Heavenly events during the church year

Enjoy a heavenly holiday and a relaxed existence in Schladming Dachstein – away from the everyday life stress and still centrally located in the middle of the parish. At the many events around the Schladming parish church you enjoy the very special atmosphere of lived traditions. Celebrate the big events of the church year with the locals of the village in a unique region. 

Clerical power rooms, the cosy church pub or the festive marquee on the market square: Schladming-Dachstein serves as the perfect place for festivals and events. Experience tradition and lived customs. 

Festivals & customs in the Schladming Dachstein region 

Throughout the year you can experience Styrian customs and live church traditions in front of the magic mountain scenery of the Dachstein-Massif. In addition to the big church events you will also experience Styrian customs from up close: enjoy looking at the regional, traditional costumes, the homemade Styrian delicacies made by the Schladming farmers and the festive mass in the Schladming parish church as well as the following festive parades.

Many churches near your heavenly holiday apartments invite you to events all year round. Get information on the various pilgrimage churches and pilgrim's paths around Schladming. 

Events in spring 

In addition to spring awakening after a long winter season you will also feel new energies within yourself in spring. When the meadows and fields start to blossom, it is already time for the first outdoor spring festivals.

At all the big church festivals like Easter or Whitsun you will experience Styrian customs from up close. After the festive mass in the Mauterndorf parish church various culinary delights as well as festively dressed local societies await you. The local brass band, the societies for traditional costumes, the Schuhplattler dancers, the shooting associations – everyone gets together after the mass in the marquee or on the market square. The so called “Maibaumaufstellen” on 1st of May also offers traditional events in your Schladming Dachstein holiday region. 

Events in summer 

Experience the alpine summer at various events on the mountains. During an alpine morning pint, during music afternoons on the alpine pastures or in the neighbouring villages with their various summer festivals with live music, traditional specialties and native to rustic folk music. 

Events in autumn 

The regional farmers drive the alpine cattle back to the valley. In celebration of the successful summer holiday for cattle and humans all the cows, sheep and horses are festively decorated and brought back to the valley. It is there where the colourful flock is greeted by a welcome committee: the Almabtrieb festivals offer culinary delicacies and artistic, regional handicraft.

Experience the Almabtrieb around Schladming Dachstein and the farmers' markets as well as the many regional autumn festivals. Enjoy fresh must – a typical autumn drink from the Styrian vintners – and Styrian delicacies like Bauernkrapfen (farmer's doughnut) or homemade schnapps. 

Harvest festivals offer a great occasion for celebrations. The festive processions and festivals in Schladming are just as colourful and gorgeous as the autumn natural environment around your cosy apartment where heavenly holiday is more than just a name. 

Events in winter 

Around Christmas time Schladming presents itself from its reflective side. Experience traditional customs of the days around Christmas: on every Advent Sunday another candle is lit on the Advent wreath in the parish church. Enjoy looking at various artistically designed and self-made cribs and take in the smell of freshly mulled wine and homemade biscuits at the many Advent markets.

The Krampuss and Perchten runs with horribly looking creatures and St. Nikolo's appearance on the market square are special highlights for guests in Schladming. At the Christmas mass on Christmas Eve the whole village meets at the Schladming parish church in order to celebrate together. At New Year's Eve the colourfully dressed carollers walk from house to house. 

heavenly holiday in Schladming 

The centuries-old customs are still enthusiastically lived in your holiday resort. Your apartment in the central location in Schladming makes you also feel the villages' history. Enjoy a event-packed and recreational stay at any time of the year and book your individual heavenly holiday bliss conveniently online. 


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