Events in the Sölktaler holiday region

Religious festivals, events and more

Experiences the region’s traditions and festivals, get to know the locals and feel the dedication with which customs are practised in an authentic region like Sölktäler Nature Park.

Events in the spring

The spring celebrations centre around Easter and the public holidays associated with this. These religious festivals are a permanent fixture on local community life in the municipality of Sölk and are celebrated often with the involvement of music bands and other clubs and associations. Besides Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and the Holy Week, Corpus Christi and St. Florian’s feast day are also permanent fixtures in the spring. One lively custom lines up after the other around Easter, such as the benediction of food on Holy Saturday and the Easter fire in the night into Easter Sunday.

Events in the summer

Midsummer bonfires are lit on many of the mountain peaks in St. Nikolai im Sölktal on Midsummer’s Day (21 June). This custom is cultivated by both individual fans of the mountains and associations.

One regional highlight every year is the historic hike with horses for the mule drivers festival. A trade route ran over the Sölkpass as far back as ancient times. The mule drivers festival is celebrated every year at the start of July in St. Nikolai at the foot of the historical mule tracks. Original Styrian crepes with Ennstal Steirerkas and farmhouse desserts are served to tickle your taste buds. The mule drivers from the Ennstal and Murtal valleys meet at the Kreuzerhütte on the Sölkpass. An integral part of this traditional festival is also the blessing of the horses and exchanging of salt for wine.

Events in the autumn

Cheese producers from far and wide present their cheese varieties at the annual cheese festival up at Castle Großsölk. The castle walls from the 14th century provide the perfect setting for this regional gourmet festival. As the culinary symbol of the Ennstal valley in Styria, Ennstaler Steirerkas cheese has an uncontested starring role at Castle Großsölk. The gourmet festival is complemented with specialities typical of the region and lots of products from Austria’s gourmet regions.

At end of the grazing season every year, the cows are decorated and ceremoniously accompanied on their way back down to the local cowsheds. The “Herrlichkeit Sölk” was coveted as the most important alpine landscape in the Niedere Tauern mountains 400 years ago: 40 farmers from the Ennstal valley let just under 700 cattle and just as many sheep and goats graze on the alpine pastures between Breitlahn and Schwarzensee with 88 mountain huts in total.

The harvest thanksgiving festival is also ceremoniously celebrated in St. Nikolai in the autumn. Nature is thanked for its gifts with a church service, harvest thanksgiving procession and benediction of the harvest crown.

Events in the winter

Things get really reflective during Advent in the Sölktal valley. The mountain village of St. Nikolai becomes a cosy place to get together with the Christmas market, while you are invited to the Advent church service on Saturdays in the lead up to Christmas. Get in the mood for the festival of love by lighting candles and enjoying the music by local choirs and music groups. In the village centre the sacristan house is transformed into an oversized Advent calendar. The children’s Christmas and evening mass are the highlights celebrated on Christmas Eve, where the tower trumpeters can also traditionally be heard.

Colourfully dressed carol singers go from house to house as the old year gives way to the new one.

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