Things to know

What you should know about heavenly holiday

Here you get information on the heavenly holiday holiday concept and your hosts at the newly renovated self-catering apartments, adjusted to your time out from your everyday life – full of silent moments and time for the essential things in life. 

heavenly holiday offers you a holiday away from the mass tourism and a stress-free vacation. The lightness of being and a relaxed existence without any musts or hustle is the highest priority. 

A different kind of holiday 

What's so special about heavenly holiday is, amongst other things, the special temporary retreat. You stay in church buildings that are partly still used as vicarages. This extraordinary experience will directly enhance your holiday experience and the recreational factor for your time out. This way your holiday will get a new face: get to know more about the backgrounds. 

Your hosts' philosophy also influences your experience during heavenly holiday at clerical power places. In addition to the reduction to the essentials, other qualities also play a crucial role, like participation in the parish life, self-catering and living in silence. 

How you find us 

Find your individual route to your heavenly holiday in the arrival section.

You can contact your heavenly holiday team during the stated office hours during the week. Your hosts are always striving to answer your enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please note that we ourselves indulge in a time out in order to also find time for the essential things in life.

For an immediate booking use the online form. If you have any questions or wishes we are looking forward to your e-mail or your no obligation inquiry


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