The building's history

Pichl vicarage

Experience heavenly holiday at the Pichl vicarage in the Schladming Dachstein resort. There in the clerical building two comfortable apartments have been built to create an ideal retreat. The power place offers you an unconventional accommodation for your time out from your everyday life. Read more about the fascinating history of the building in Pichl near Schladming.

A description from 1869 reads:

Stone-built in the year 1762, covered with shingles, has a wooden-tiled entrance
to the front door, a vaulted cellar; 1 room and a small kitchen next to a buttery
on the ground floor, then via the wooden stairs on the first floor two rooms
and toilet and a cobbled attic.

History-steeped living 

Pichl owed the construction of the vicarage in 1762 to the then secret Protestantism in Upper Styria, which was opposed by the Catholic Church. It was in that year that a parish vicarage was established as a base for missionary work in the hinterlands. 

Retaining traditions 

If you take your time you will still hear the building telling you of those times. The two modernly furnished and renovated heavenly holiday apartments in the historic clerical building respectfully integrate into the historically significant premises. Nothing here is touristic decoration, the special flair and offer in your apartment at the Pichl vicarage has naturally developed over the centuries.

Find peaceful places in the clerical power rooms during your holiday for the soul and recharge your batteries, out and about in the intact natural environment in the Schladming Dachstein region.

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