Holiday for the soul

Mental recreation

Restless people appreciate the cloistral routine and spiritual hike. With heavenly holiday you will find further possibilities to achieve inner peace: not only in a physical sense but also on a spiritual level. 

Another form of pilgrimage 

While a stay at the monastery is normally characterised by predefined procedures and a communal life, you yourself design your stay and daily programme during heavenly holiday. Experience another form of pilgrimage and indulge in a time of silence in the heavenly apartments in the middle of the picturesque natural scenery.

The vicarage also serves as the perfect starting point for excursions and hikes to pilgrimage sites, churches in the close vicinity or a hike on parts of the pilgrimage and themed hiking paths. 

“out and about & arriving” 

With the special “out and about & arriving” offer at the vicarage you will find the perfect combination of gentle activities and pleasant relaxation. Experience self-occupation through exercises like guided snowshoe hikes or nordic walking.

Support with meditative work-outs in the natural environment takes care that the exercise not only benefits your body but also your soul. 

Unwind and break away 

The most difficult things often hide in the seemingly easiest things: benefit from your time out from your everyday life and dabble in doing nothing at all. In a time of constant movement many people find it hard to sit in silence just by themselves, to read for pure pleasure only, to walk through nature without a goal or purpose and things like that. Especially these moments, that are perceived as boring, are the ones that help you recharge your batteries and to find your way back to your own senses.

Find yourself in the peace during your holiday for the soul with heavenly holiday. A no obligation enquiry is the first step to your time out at the vicarage. An non-binding inquiry also secures your heavenly holiday apartment. 


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