Offer at the St. Nikolai vicarage

A quiet holiday in the Schladming-Dachstein region

Immerse yourself in a book without any distractions. Explore the Sölktäler Nature Park, whether it’s in snow-covered scenery or on countless hiking trails. Be indulged with delicious food at little mountain inns. Unwind step by step. Silent contemplation in the church next door or in the prayer/meditation room on the ground floor of the house. Dedicate yourself to precisely those things that often get a raw deal in day-to-day life during your stay at the St. Nikolai vicarage.

Get into the great outdoors in the summer

The nature invites you to enjoy long hikes in the summer. Wander through nature on superbly set up paths, along the mountain pastures to lakes and waterfalls. Find inner peace again in the rhythm of your movement. Powerful mountains accompany you on your way with a calming permanent, grounding presence and providing you with stunning views. Or hike on the trail of mule drivers who crossed the alpine pass thousands of years ago. 

Get into the great outdoors in the winter

The Sölktäler Nature Park is paradise for ski tourers, snowshoe and winter hikers who are looking for seclusion. The protected nature is ideal for retreating into, listening to and feeling the silence and having time to yourself. Switch off your mobile phone and focus on the simplicity of things instead.

Options at the vicarage

The St. Nikolai church provides space for personal reflection. Plus a prayer room awaits you on the ground floor of the vicarage that guests can also use to reflect and meditate. There is a wonderful cemetery next door.

Each apartment has its own library with books and CDs providing you with leisure and entertainment. The variety ranges from novels to spiritual literature, and on the music shelf you can find everything from jazz to Gregorian chant.

Culinary delights

You can indulge your palate at the traditional restaurants in the surrounding area and on the hospitable, alpine farms. Get to know the region’s specialities, such as the Ennstaler Steirerkas and enjoy down-to-earth dishes made from good ingredients of regional origin.

You can practise your own cooking skills in the apartments that have fully equipped kitchens.

Enjoy the time and space that you have earned on your holiday in St. NikolaiSend us your no-obligation enquiry or book conveniently online now and look forward to an unforgettable time in a picturesque village surrounded by nature. We look forward to your visit!


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