Retreat & Slow Movement

Away from all the hustle with heavenly holiday

Modern everyday life is characterised by hectic, monotony and full diaries. In addition there is this compulsion to always act consistently quicker, better and even more efficient, a pressure that is put on us by society and further down the line by ourselves. We pack our time down to the smallest detail and plan every second of our life for things that have to be done. Which leaves us with no time for: the beautiful things in life. 

“Constant rush … I must not forget to wave at myself when I run past myself”

(Loesje, translated from Dutch) 

“Slow Movement” more than just a buzzword 

Slow Movement is understood to be a deliberate and conscious slowing down of a development or activity. The term itself is still quite young and has first been implemented in the German Duden Dictionary as “Entschleunigung” in 2000. 

Work & leisure time 

Constant overload as well as stress triggers that are linked to modern, current technology, like nomophobia – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact – result in a melting process of work and leisure time where no clear differentiation is possible. This increasing strain in our everyday life can easily cause burn-out symptoms.

The beautiful things in life go short, leisure becomes leisure stress when we try to do and achieve as much as possible in the little free time we are left with.

In times like these it is even more important to consciously take breaks in between. Breaks from day-to-day life, change of location and leisure time without work time.

This is exactly where heavenly holiday draws on: 

Individually & unconventionally beautiful! 

heavenly holiday offers you quiet places and retreats – yes, in Austria's touristic centres but without mass touristic approach. Spend your time out at places that emphasise on the essentials, where there is still enough room for things that are good for you: for contemplating or unwinding, for relaxing or being active – everything that you are always trying to find the time for and haven't been able to do in your hectic day-to-day life.

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