heavenly holidays

Holiday gets a new face

Holiday in the sense of heavenly holiday that's relaxed existence and the lightness of being. Are you looking for time for the essential in your life and do you want to consciously separate your work time from your leisure time? heavenly holiday offers you an energetic retreat to find true recreation in your time out. 

Find peace when silence is needed and find exercise when the body urges for it. 

Unconventional living 

If you want to turn your back on mass-touristic offers, if you are looking for the unconventional, then you will end up at one of our historically significant buildings and therefore at a place that has been attentively renovated and adapted according to your holiday wishes. 

Our buildings are partly still used as vicarages. There is no touristic decoration to be found, everything has developed in a natural way over centuries. 

Although all the accommodations are centrally located they are still quiet places, buildings of retreat and reflection. Clerical buildings always provide a very special atmosphere and the lovingly renovated apartments give room to the central questions away from day-to-day obligations. 

Individual hours 

These places are available to our guests for individual hours. Your wishes will come true here: thanks to flexibly designable offers, thanks to regional and responsibly selected products and thanks to the possibility to for instance dine at the “Kirchenwirt” (“parish pub”) around the corner … 

Live and let live 

During heavenly holiday day-to-day life's pulse rate falls silent. It is replaced by individual hours and days. Indulge in a time out from your everyday stress and give your soul time to find peace. 

The popular holiday resort around Schladming Dachstein offers you equally great opportunities for gentle exercises in the recreational natural environment, excursion destinations that are worth seeing and events as well as various spiritual pilgrims' paths to historically significant churches in the vicinity. 

Recharge your batteries during your holiday 

This is how holiday gets a new face: from the absolute retreat to the discovery of clerical power places. Recharge your batteries during heavenly holiday with guided hikes, with your own bicycle explorations through the environment, with the access to the church key or during quiet hours at the vicarage: our venues are temporarily yours for a time that you can devote to yourself and to peace and quiet whenever you feel like it. 

Find out more about the concept behind heavenly holiday, your hosts as well as arrival and contact information in the things to know section. There you can also ask for a quote for your apartment or book directly online

Vicarage Pichl

Discover the possibilities for a break from everyday life in our house in Pichl in the region Schladming-Dachstein. Up to the mountains, feel the width and breathe deeply.

Vicarage Tieschen

Extinct volcanoes, vineyards, spas and excellent cuisine characterize the region of Southeast Styria. Inform yourself about the possibility of a few relaxing days in the vicarage Tieschen.

Vicarage Söchau

The vicarage, built in the mid-18th century, is situated in the centre of the herbal village of Söchau. Three apartments have been available to holidaymakers and anyone seeking peace and quiet here since spring 2016.

Vicarage St. Nikolai

From 1st of April 2019 the house is run by Mrs. Maria Krause. For inquiries you can contact her by mail: himmlisch.urlauben.naturpark@gmail.com


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