Summer in Sölktäler Nature Park

Relax with activities in the valley of flowing water

The Sölktal valley is a secret tip in the Niedere Tauern mountains: as one of the most natural unspoilt valleys it gives holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet room to breathe and find stress-free relaxation. Wonderful opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing and enjoying the outdoors are spread over an altitude between 900 and 1,126 metres.


Cool pine forests, countless managed alpine farms, still mountain lakes: you experience one of the most authentic sides of nature on the Sölktal valley’s hiking trails. Let the peace and quiet of nature wash over you and experience the magic of the untouched. From small, family-friendly hikes to challenging mountain tours with climbing sections, there is the right route for every mountaineering lover.

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Themed trails

You can discover the hidden secrets of water and “geological treasures” on the Sölktäler Nature Park’s four themed trails. The “Gumpeneck” geological hiking trail around the Gumpenkar provides an insight into the earth’s 500 million year old history at 24 stations. The various phenomena in the forest ecosystem are revealed to you on the “Forest themed trail” in Mössna and Kleinsölk. You can walk the Ice Ages educational trail along the old Roman road on Sölkpass today, which tells you about how the landscape was shaped by the Ice Ages. You also find out lots of things about plants, which have adapted to the tough climate using different strategies. Finally you can head off in the trail of water on the “Water educational trail” in St. Nikolai and by Schwarzensee lake.

A pure abundance of water

The region’s huge abundance of water is already rooted in the name “Sölk”, which originally means “flowing water”. Wild streams, thundering waterfalls and picturesque lakes, such as Schwarzensee, the largest mountain lake in the Niedere Tauern mountains, therefore accompany you on your way through the Sölktäler Nature Park. Let all your senses be captivated by water cleaving its way sometimes loudly thundering, then quietly rippling through wild nature.

Mountain huts and alpine pastures near St. Nikolai

If your body is crying out for fortification during your hikes, then the region’s numerous huts are there on the spot. 25 managed alpine farms in total invite you to rest and indulge. Many of them serve specialities from the region that are often homemade.

Nordic walking

Anyone who prefers grabbing Nordic walking rather than trekking poles, can of course also use the stunning trails in the Sölktal valley for Nordic walking.

Spiritual reflection

Numerous churches are also an ideal destination or stop-off during your activities in the Sölktäler Nature Park. Reflect and gather your thoughts and impressions of the surrounding area while enjoying the silence in the places of worship.

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