heavenly holiday in summer

Relaxed summer in the green

In the Schladming-Dachstein holiday region a native natural landscape awaits you in summer, surrounded by impressive mountains. The unique scenery with crystal clear mountain lakes and power places in the Tauern delights in its own special way. Feel the deep connection to nature during gentle outdoor activities. 

Recharge your batteries & come to rest 

Experience individual summer days of Slow Movement in the unique landscapes around your heavenly holiday apartment. Connected to nature and resonating with the holiday region's residents all of Schladming's hidden and most beautiful sides are open to you. You will stay centrally and yet in the middle of a powerful energy in a partly still used vicarage. 

Find authentic places for relaxation on hikes away form the mass-touristic paths, in conversation with local farmers as well as in the encounter with the regional flora and fauna. Collect unforgettable holiday moments and recharge your batteries. 

Gentle summer activities 

Alpine experiences & walks through nature 

In summer cattle runs around on the lush alpine meadows over Schladming's rooftops. The summer cable cars will conveniently and quickly take you up to higher altitudes. On walks on alpine trails you will meet sheep and cows grazing all relaxed, as well as local horses. The lovely shepherds and dairymen and women will indulge you with Styrian specialities like traditional Styrian cheese or Bauernkrapfen (farmer's doughnut). Enjoy the delicacies with views over the valley or the Hohe Tauern.

The high alpine air is beneficial and has a lot of health-enhancing effects. Take a deep breath and enjoy the views, the air, the food and the freedom of the mountains. 

Nordic Walking & E-Bike

Right on your doorstep you will find the access to the nordic walking interconnected Schladming-Dachstein resort, the Alps' biggest interconnected nordic walking network. Six different walking tours of different difficulty levels, lengths and altitudes are available. Hobby hikers can also use the well sign-posted guidance system for their hikes.

If you want to overcome altitudes more easily you can rent an e-bike. From May to October a network of rentals and battery changing stations are available in the Schladming-Dachstein movelo-region. The closest rental station is located in Pichl in Almdorf Reiteralm.

The 263 kilometre long Enns cycling path is more suitable for touring bikers, but is also easily manageable on the e-bike. Find a direct access in Pichl. 

Refreshment in the alpine waters with a high mineral content 

Kneipp cures in one of the various alpine brooks and rivers or in one of the around 300 mountain lakes on Schladming Tauern – there is more than enough refreshment available in the summer. Enjoy hot summer's days in the crystal clear and refreshing water in the middle of the Schladming mountain world between 650 and 2,700 metres above sea level. Recharge your batteries with meditation on the lakeside or during reflective lake walks.

Spiritual hikes 

During your summer holiday in Schladming take a walk to all the power places in the holiday region. There is a great range of pilgrimage churches worth visiting as well as energy-rich places in Styria. All of them serve as wonderfully relaxing excursion destinations and unique nature experiences. Take a hike on the pilgrim's paths, like the “Weg des Buches” (path of the book) through “Austria's green heart”. 

Meditative hiking and running 

Benefit from the peace and calm in the alpine pasture region, on meadows, on an alpine lakeside and in the forests around Schladming for a hike to yourself: come to rest, unwind and have a conscious conversation with yourself, or just concentrate on your breathing. Learn how it works with the books and instructions that you find in the reading corners in your apartment.

Decide for heavenly holiday and your relaxed summer holiday in the vicarage in Schladming can soon start. You can book your heavenly holiday apartment directly and for the best price online here


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