Time [Out]

Time for the essentials

In modern society time has become a kind of luxury item. In our everyday life many things go short. If you take a time out from your day-to-day life with heavenly holiday you will again have time for the essential things in life, time for what you enjoy and what you actually like to do: read a book, consciously listen to music, sleep [in], outdoor exercises in the natural environment or just deliberately doing nothing, listening to the silence and letting your thoughts run free … 

Gentle activities 

You decide for yourself what you want to do during your heavenly holiday stay. Because even if we create the offers for you, we still take care that your time with us is not totally packed with all sorts of activities, so you don't have to rush from one appointment to the next during your holiday. A holiday for the tired body is as much a priority as a holiday for the rushed soul

This way there's enough time for individual hours at the vicarage with heavenly holiday

Slow Movement and retreat 

Instead of the constantly booming TV enjoy relaxed and quiet music, from Gregorian choirs to classical music by the big composers and jazzy sounds by the likes of Norah Jones. Just switch off your mobile phone or tablet and deliberately leave it in your room. You will find enough opportunities to cure withdrawal symptoms from holding-your-phone-in-your-hand-at-all-times. If you consciously experience Slow Movement you will in the end have more time than a hectic person. 

The more we accelerate everything, the less time we have because we have lost the ability to take our time.

Paul Schiebler 

Book your temporary exit from your everyday life now, you have honestly well deserved it. We will gladly respond to your no obligation inquiry with an offer that meets your individual holiday wishes. 


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