Recharge your batteries in Styria

Three stylish apartments in the herbal village of Söchau

The vicarage, built in the mid-18th century, is situated in the centre of the herbal village of Söchau. Three apartments have been available to holidaymakers and anyone seeking peace and quiet here since spring 2016. Söchau vicarage is also the perfect starting point for cycling and hiking in the region, for whiling away the time in Söchau’s herb garden or immersing yourself in Southeast Styria’s health spas – in short, consciously enjoying life and nature and doing something good for your mind & body.

A traditional summer retreat and relaxation all year round

The region around Söchau has always been a magnet for city dwellers, especially the Viennese, who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the stunning nature and life and tranquility in the countryside.

Experience nature, the sights and health spas

It is still really quiet in the sedate village of Söchau. At Söchau vicarage, which is steeped in history, you have the chance to spend your holiday in extremely comfortable apartments and enjoy the peace and quiet and gently hilly landscape all around at any time of the year. As here in Southeast Styria, nature has its totally unique charm at any time of the year that you can discover for yourself on foot or by bike from your accommodation: From the colourful vine leaves in the autumn to the snow or frost covered hills, forests and fields in the winter, to blossoming nature characterised by lush green in the spring, to stunning hot summer days! And on the days when the weather perhaps doesn’t quite play ball, you can opt for a trip to Riegersburg castle, the world-famous Zotter chocolate factory or one of the six nearby health spas. Loipersdorf health spa is just 12 kilometres away from Söchau, the Rogner Bad Blumau is 17 kilometres away, Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Gleichenberg and Therme Stegersbach are 25 to 30 kilometres away.

Carefully renovated apartments with original and new elements

The three apartments at the vicarage that you can rent out for your holiday were opened in May 2016 and carefully renovated beforehand. The stylish mixture of old stucco ceilings, tiled stoves and original doors from the mid-18th century with quality new solid wood furniture made by a local carpenter create an atmosphere of snug comfort where you feel totally at home.

An unforgettable time in Southeast Styria

Plan your relaxing stay in the herbal village of Söchau in Southeast Styria. Three stylishly renovated apartments await you at the municipality’s vicarage. Send us your no-obligation enquiry or book conveniently online now and look forward to an unforgettable time in a picturesque village surrounded by nature. We look forward to your visit!

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