A holiday close to nature

The herbal village of Söchau – close to nature

Söchau is one of the oldest villages in eastern Styria: the Romans once occupied today’s herbal village.

The name “Söchau” is derived from the Slavic “sekati”, which more or less means “clearing”. It was the clearing that produced the arable land. The cultivation of the soil is symbolised in the municipality's coat of arms by the uprooted tree and spike.

The village name already indicates the special relationship people have with nature as agriculture was the only source of income for the village inhabitants for a long time. Vegetable farming, orchards and vineyards shaped everyday life for centuries. Today Söchau is closely associated with the healing properties of herbs. Besides the herb, rose and witches’ garden, herbs are grown in the region to then be sold. 

Healing herbs

You certainly cannot miss one thing in Söchau: the many herbs that the volcanic landscape’s old soil produces. You can admire more than 120 different healing herbs but also toxic herbs on a tour through the healing and toxic herb garden. The “Hildegard von Bingen” chapel and Kneipp course near your apartment are an ideal place to while away the time and take a break on warm summer days. 

The guided tour through the herb garden in Söchau is free with your GenussCard.

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