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Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you and bundled them here for you. If a question is not answered, please simply contact us via our contact form - we will immediately take care of your request!

  • From when can we move into the apartment?
    The apartments are basically available to you from 4 pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure we ask you to leave the apartment by no later than 10 am.

  • How do I get the key to the apartment?
    Our “good souls” will welcome you upon your arrival, familiarise you with your apartment and hand over the key to you. They are also your first contact for all questions on site. You will receive the names and telephone numbers of contacts before arrival.

  • Why can’t I pay cash or by debit or credit card on departure?
    We are not a hotel business in the usual sense. Our organisational structure is configured differently in order to enable effective, fast and cost-reduced processing. There is no reception desk at our various locations. Checkout is performed by the local contact person. Therefore you will receive an invoice for your booking. Please pay by means of a bank transfer.
  • Why does the invoice amount have to be paid before arrival?
    Our organisational structure is configured as effectively as possible. This also includes arranging all procedures accordingly in all areas. In the event of a cancellation you will be refunded the invoice amount minus the cancellation fee.

  • When is a cancellation fee to be paid?
    You can cancel your booking without cost up to 3 months before arrival.

  • How many people can sleep in the apartments?
    Our apartments each have a bedroom with double bed as well as a living room with a pull-out sofa bed. This provides an extra sleeping accommodation for 2 people. Only the apartment “Tau” in Tieschen is for a maximum of 2 people.

  • Do I have to take along bed linen and hand towels?
    No. Bed linen, hand towels and kitchen towels are included. One set per person will be provided for your stay. If you would like an extra change of linen or towels during your stay, you can additionally book this with a surcharge of EUR 15.

  • Do I have to clean the apartment myself on departure?
    No. Final cleaning is always included. However, from a stay of 4 nights we charge a cleaning fee in the amount of EUR 30.

  • Are dogs allowed in the apartments?
    Yes, dogs are also welcome for a time out at heavenly holiday! We ask dog owners to note the following: 
    Please take along your own basket, blanket, food and bowl for your four-legged friend. These items are not available in the apartments, since every dog also preferably enjoys a holiday with their own things. Furthermore, we ask owners not to let dogs sleep on the sofas and in the beds. Other guests will be very thankful to you. 
    For dogs we charge a one-time holiday fee in the amount of EUR 15. This covers the higher cleaning requirement. Should the apartment be very dirty or damaged as a result of your dog, we reserve the right to pass on the additional costs or repair costs to you. We assume that you have taken out liability insurance for your dog.


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