When even nature takes a timeout

Every season has its charms

When the leaves in the vineyards turn colour and the typical sounds of a “klopotec” (Styrian bird-scaring rattle) scare the birds away from the sweet grapes, it is grape harvest time in the Southeast Styria region. The magnificently coloured vineyards and the golden light of the sun at this time of year create a very special atmosphere. Autumn is ideal for a timeout. Elements of pleasure also do not come off badly. Then freshly pressed juices, chestnuts and pumpkins provide delicacies in the Styrian cuisine. And when the days become shorter and shorter, and winter arrives this region especially invites visitors to enjoy contemplation and tranquillity in the silent Advent season.

Autumn is grape harvest time

In the autumn, when the grapes are ripe, vintners have their high season. After a hike through the autumnal vineyards, the wine cultivated there tastes even better. In November, sessions to taste “Junker” (new wine still in fermentation) invite visitors to get acquainted with the special young wine from Styria. This is traditionally presented for the first time on the Wednesday before St. Martin’s Day.

Hikes and cycling tours are even more fun when the weather is no longer too hot. And there are enough opportunities to take breaks in between or after activities for refreshment in the numerous culinary establishments in the region.

Silent Advent

When the days are shorter, life slows down in the winter months, nature takes a little break and it is silent outside, a person should also comply with this rhythm and be silent.

The communities of the Volcano Land set an example - without a big circus act - for more reflection and contemplation with the Silent Advent. Artisan craftwork, reverent Advent markets and contemplative masses are deliberately organised as a conscious antithesis to pre-Christmas shopping stress and away from the glittering worlds of shopping promenades. The time before Christmas should be a journey to yourself and unobtrusively encourage you to reflect. Churches, crosses and chapels are exclusively illuminated with green light during this time. The green light is visible from far away as the symbol for tranquillity and for a return to a time that long since no longer stands for silence and retreat, but acceleration and consumption.

The Tieschen vicarage represents the ideal place to escape the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, and to consciously perceive this Silent Advent in the region and to attend events within the framework of Silent Advent.

Would you like to find this tranquillity and hear silence? Send us a non-binding inquiry or conveniently book your Advent time [out] in Tieschen online.


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