Events and festivals

Region of sociability

Numerous events, festivals and themes which characterise the region take place between spring and autumn. The change of seasons can by recognised by these aspects here, such as merry carnival events, traditional events in May, cultural summer events, and naturally famous vine blossom & wine cellar festivals, atmospheric Advent and rural harvest festivals, recitals as well as grape harvest and concerts or theatre in a stone quarry. There is something for every taste!

Events in spring

From March to June is spring in the Volcano Land. A special atmosphere prevails when the vine blossoms bloom. The first festivals also start with the awakening of nature. The vintners and wine taverns from the Tieschen region invite visitors to a unique festival culinary pleasure in the Aunberg vineyard facility for a vine blossom festival. The new vintage of TAU wine is also presented at the Tieschen monastery/vicarage with the arrival of spring every year. The little villages in the region open their wine cellars. Good wine is also waiting to be tasted at the wine cellar festival in Straden known as Stradner Kellertage and the Traminer Open golf tournament in Klöch.

Events in summer

Summer in Tieschen starts with the Jungweibersommer (“Young Women’s Summer), an exhilarating festival of culinary art and music at the Jörgen stone quarry in Tieschen. The association of young female vintners known as Die Weinblüten serves their fine wines together with culinary delicacies from the Styrian Volcano Land.

The “Terra Vulcania Summer”, the climax of the summer and a festival of senses, is a festival characterised by wine enjoyed in the middle of a unique landscape borne by an appreciative living culture.

The cycling season in Bad Radkersburg is ushered in every year with the opening known as Anradeln. A few days in early spring are entirely characterised by movement on 2 wheels. The event known as “Flanieren & Radieren” is held every Friday in the Old Town of Bad Radkersburg during the summer months July and August. Music, events and longer opening hours of shops are the ingredients for a sociable evening in the town centre.

The Styrian bird-scaring rattle known as a “klopotec” has to be put up when autumn nears so that the birds stay away from the sweet ripe grapes and there is still something left over for the grape harvest. There is also an original annual tradition festival featuring various wind ensemble groups and specialities from the kitchen and wine cellar!

Events in autumn

At this time of year everything in the Styrian Volcano & Thermenland region revolves around wine and the harvest. Harvest festivals are held in September and October. Magnificent “harvest festival crowns” are made from the harvested products for this purpose.

The climate of the festival series is the wine cellar festival known as the “Kellergasslfest”. It is always held on the last Sunday in September and features music, culinary delicacies, deputations, “Sturm” (fermented must) and chestnuts.

Events in winter

The pre-Christmas season is celebrated very quietly in the region. Advent signifies reflection and contemplation. This is consciously celebrated in the Volcano Land with “Silent Advent” as an antithesis to shopping stress and overstimulation.

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