Southeast Styria

heavenly holiday in the Volcano & Thermenland

Several volcanic cones rise up in the gently undulating Southeast Styrian Hill Country, because the hard volcanic rock offers considerable resistance against weathering. These locations were regarded as preferential construction sites for medieval castles. As a result, the Klöch castle ruins and Kapfenstein Castle tower high above on these volcanic cones near your vicarage. The hilltops in Straden and the “Gleichenberger Kogel” are less steep in terms of terrain. These former volcanoes are not only magnificent observation points, but are among the most scenic area of East and Southeast Styria.

Styrian Volcano Land – region of vitality

Enjoy the summer in the Styrian Volcano Land. Enjoy that attitude towards life that always awakens when art, culture and culinary are pleasurably united. In addition to the beautiful, diverse countryside, hikes along the traces of volcanoes become stations of external and internal reflection. So the journey in the Styrian Volcano Land becomes a journey to find your inner self! 
As a result, in our vicarage you find yourself in the middle of old traces of Styrian volcanoes in which your surrounding area is filled by a deep power of the earth.

The wine of volcanoes

The Southeast Styrian Volcano Land enchants with its delicious white wines. People in the region have always been associated with cultivating grape vines. Vineyard trails lead you to impressive wine stores where a great selection of wines awaits you.

TAU - rooted in Tieschen

The symbol of solidarity with the homeland is TAU, also known as the “Cross of St. Anthony” and the symbol of St. Francis. Twelve vintners reflected on their origin in order to press great wine together.
The TAU was the eponym for a special wine. The statue of St. Francis in front of the Franciscan monastery in Tieschen was the inspiration for TAU wine. Fully ripe grapes of the varieties Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Chardonnay and Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) are processed to make TAU.
With the “TAU Vineyard Trail” you get to the roots of this unique wine. Grapes of the highest quality grow in the four large vineyards of the Stein Valley: Kindsberg, Aunberg, Patzenberg and Pum.

Customs in the Thermenland Styria

In the German language, the root of the word “Brauch” (“custom) comes from “brauchen” (“to need”).
In Tieschen and the region you can still experience original Styrian customs. The widespread, deep-rooted custom of putting up the maypole already starts on 30 April. Young men get a tall spruce tree from the forest and prepare the tree for the festive act of climbing up the maypole. With the exception of the treetop, the trunk is de-branched and the lower portion of the trunk is completely peeled off to put up the maypole. 
Early in the morning on 1 May, bands march from house to house and deliver their musical greeting.

After the work is done, people meet every day in the month of May to pray together. Men and women gather in wayside chapels for “Maibeten” (“May devotions”). The custom is still very widespread today in the rural region around Tieschen.

  • Pentecost customs

A “man” made of straw, wood and pieces of clothing was placed on the roof by girls who were not married yet. In the opinion of the guys in the village it was already high time for some of the girls! Easily transportable objects from all farmhouses are still carried away today by the guys in the village on Pentecost Saturday night.

  • Feast of Corpus Christi - “God goes through the countryside” (19 June)

The four field altars, birch twigs, the heaven carried along, the monstrance with the host, festively dressed people and the white dresses worn by girls are typical features associated with the Feast of Corpus Christi. But in recent decades the Feast of Corpus Christi has also lost its splendour.

  • Solstice (21 June)

A solstice fire is lit on many hills in the surrounding area for the summer solstice on 21 June.

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